Your Low Carbon Programme

Whether you have started your journey to becoming low carbon or want to learn how to begin, the Low Carbon Business Support Programme can help your business.  

We aim to help businesses in the Greater Cambridge and Peterborough LEP area with FREE support to help your business cut carbon and cut costs as a result. 

The Journey

Business Diagnostic &
Low Carbon Review

All beneficiaries can start their journey with an optional business diagnostic and low carbon review. The diagnostic provides around 2 hours of support from an expert business advisor and will cover all areas of business operations with a particular focus on energy management and will help identify the key areas where support is required and which aspects of the support programme will be most beneficial.


The diagnostic is also the gateway to a comprehensive workshop programme designed to help businesses to start their own low carbon journey

LOW CARBON PATHWAY programme - Each session is 2 hours


Starting Your Low Carbon Journey
Introduction to the programme and how to start your low carbon journey


Measuring & Monitoring
Measuring & Monitoring how your business can cut carbon


Energy Auditing
Understanding the importance of regular auditing & how to carry out a basic energy assessment


Introduction to Carbon Footprinting
How to measure your carbon footprint & measures your business can take to reduce it


Overview of Low Carbon Technologies
A brief insight into low carbon technologies that could reduce energy use and related costs


Procurement & Funding
Help to ensure low carbon considerations are embedded within your procurement processes and how to find funding and other support for your low carbon journey

LOW Carbon in focus

Technology Reviews

Focused one hour sessions led by technology experts – providing insight into key low carbon technologies.

Sessions run from 12 pm – 1 pm and follow the following format:

 Expert speaker presentation followed by delegate Q&A 

Session content: Technology overview – Benefits and challenges – Overview of indicative costs/savings/payback –  Case studies

The dates are highlighted below – To register your place on a technology review please email


Infrared Heating – Thursday 10 November 

Solar PV – Tuesday 15 November 

Heat Pumps – Tuesday 22 November 

each session is 1 hour


LED Lighting
Introduction to lighting technology and the benefits of LED lighting


Infrared Heating
Understanding Infrared Heating and it’s applicability to your business


Solar PV & Battery Storage
Overview of solar PV and battery storage technology and how to assess its suitability for your business


Electric Vehicles & Charging
Introduction to electric vehicles and charging infrastructure


Heat Pumps
Introduction to different heat pump technologies to help you understand which one is most appropriate for your business


Introduction to wind energy technology


Heat Recovery
How it works and how it can help your business reduce energy costs and carbon emissions


Building Fabrics
An introduction to energy performance in buildings and how you can reduce heat loss and improve efficiency

LOW Carbon success Stories

Case Study Events

A series of case study events featuring other businesses sharing their experiences of improving energy efficiency, investing in renewable energy technologies and reducing their carbon footprint.

Join us at one of these ONLINE events

October 2022

December 2022

February 2023

Showcase Live

To bring the programme to a close a live showcase event will be held in St Ives, Cambridgeshire in February/March 2023 and will include a review of the completed St Ives Micro Grid Project, Live Workshops, Guest Speakers. Q&A Sessions and the opportunity to network with like minded businesses and share your experiences.