The Smart Energy Grid Project

St ives park & ride

Progress Update

Cambridgeshire County Council, and its delivery partner Bouygues Energies Services, are excited to announce that construction has begun on the St Ives Park & Ride Smart Energy Grid project. This innovative project will transform the site into a renewable energy generator and will produce 1MW of renewable energy.

Solar panels will be installed over the two central fans of the park & ride site via steel carports. The energy produced will power the P&R site, including its 10 new EV chargers, and provide clean energy to two local businesses in the area. A battery storage system will also be installed which will improve the efficiency of the solar panels by storing excess electricity and releasing it at times when the sun is not shining. 

New lighting will be installed under the carport canopies to ensure the site continues to remain safe at night. Additional landscaping to improve the overall biodiversity of the park & ride will also be included as part of the works.

Once completed, later this year, the project will immediately start to save carbon and over its 25-year life will reduce carbon emissions by 2,400 tonnes, making it an important contributor to helping Cambridgeshire reach its goal of Net-Zero by 2045.

The funding received by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the St Ives Park & Ride Smart Energy Grid has allowed Cambridgeshire County Council, in partnership with Deyton Bell and PECT, to launch a low carbon business support programme which aims to help small and medium-size enterprises transition into a low carbon economy. 
Construction Update – February 2023 – The Solar Panels being installed

progress so far...

The project is jointly funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and the European Regional Development Fund.